Hello. My name is Ben Holland.

I am an artist and illustrator based in Heaton (originally known as High Town), Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The drawings on this site reflect my view of Newcastle and the North East. Beyond the great landmarks, these are the places we live our everyday lives; from pubs and cinemas to barber shops and newsagents.

I like to think of these places being alive with hope, possibility, romance and, in the most atmospheric spots – a certain edginess – something I increasingly hope to capture within my work.

I exhibit a lot throughout the city, mainly in the venues I’ve drawn. I’ve previously been nominated as a finalist for The Biscuit Factory’s UK Young Artist of the Year Award and am proud to sell my work from this site, the Baltic shop and from my stall on the Quayside Market every Sunday.

Away from pen and paper, I love music (a lot) and my little family (more).

Thanks for having a look around. Any questions, just ask.


“We’re loudly in love with Ben Holland’s ink drawings of some of Newcastle’s less heralded sights, and we don’t care who knows it. From the kind of barber shops we like to get our hair cut in, to the kind of pubs we like to drink in, to the kind of cinema back alleys we like to stagger down, he’s captured the essence of what makes our heart go all of a flutter when we think about Newcastle.”

The Crack Magazine